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25+ years International Leadership experience

Change and Business Transformation

10+ years as  Career Coach

Masters of Coaching Psychology

80+ Top  Companies

Multinationals to start-ups 

95% Customer Recommendation  

My quality promise

Bradley Baker

Career Clarity 

Empowering professionals towards a fulfilling career  

It works. I will help you reimagine your career so that: 

  • You clarify career goals and align them with authentic passions and values.​​

  • You overcome self-doubt and fears hindering progress, to promote confidence and new habits.​

  • You get the promotion or new role you've been looking for or completely re-design the career path you are on.

Bradley Baker

The Coaching Journey

My coaching philosophy centres around the Career Clarity framework, which guides professionals through just-in-time learning, reflecting, and planning. It provides a genuine, practical, and flexible journey tailored to the each professional's unique needs. We follow this process, but allow what emerges in the moment and to trust in and follow that. No one process is the same. 
Career Clarity Framework
Interested in hearing a client's story? 

Finding Clarity and Purpose Amidst Doubts: A client's Journey

Living the Expat experience?

Plane flying overhead a man sitting

Career Clarity is even more challenging when living in another country. 

From culture shock to isolation, family tension to job rejections - all impact confidence and your ability to go for a career and life that you are looking for.  

My coaching extends support to Expats who are ready to transform life abroad.

Working with Brad was a turning point in my life. His guidance and unique coaching approach empowered me to find answers within myself, leading to flourishing personal and professional growth.
I highly recommend Brad to anyone seeking transformative coaching experiences.

Will Josephson,

Associate Director, IBM


His coaching supported me to make a crucial career decision, balanced with my life situation, and plan out the next steps with confidence. 

His insightful questions and structured approach clarified my thoughts  towards a sense of purpose, making the process clearer and more meaningful.

Marius Pilz, 

Director Finance Ops, UGG 

Partnering with Bradley was a pivotal moment in my career. Initially seeking guidance to reevaluate my goals, I discovered a deeper sense of purpose and direction. With his patient support, I've embarked on a fulfilling path I once thought impossible. Thankyou, Bradley, for your transformative impact.

Stefanie Schlesing,

Nursing Consultant  

What happen's next...

Simply contact me to prepare a journey tailored to you

Write to me or reach out for a Discovery call online or in Munich. During this confidential thirty (30) minute session, we'll get to know each other, discuss your background, challenges, and goals, and determine if we're the right fit. I work in English and based on our conversation, we'll agree on the best approach to work together.

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