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Expat 1:1 Coaching Services

Life Abroad: Embrace Transformation

The expat journey is a unique blend of excitement and difficulty. I understand the challenges you face – from culture shock to isolation, amplified work-related stress to family impacts. As an expat coach, I am here to guide you through these pain points and help you achieve what truly matters to you.  

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I have lived and learnt through the expat experience... 

... and I partner with Expats as Individuals, through International Schools, and Organisations. 

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For Individuals

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1:1 Coaching Services

As an expat professional climbing the corporate ladder, or as an expat partner, transitioning to life abroad, you deserve a thriving career and personal life. With personalized coaching, you can:

  • Unlock Clarity and Purpose

  • Develop a Resilient Mindset

  • Cultivate Work-Life Balance

  • Build Resilient Relationships


Together, we'll transform your expat journey into a fulfilling and enriching chapter of your life.

For International Schools

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Talks and Support Packages 

For expat families in your school community, I offer tailored talks on:

  • Building Resilience in Expatriation

  • Navigating Family Transitions

  • Thriving in a New Environment


These talks offer practical tools to ease transitions, improve family connections, and create a positive school environment. Contact me to arrange a talk that suits your school's unique needs.

For International Organisations

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Customised Packages

Partnering with global mobility experts, I provide targeted solutions to support expats within your organization. My services focus on:

  • Easing Expatriate Transitions

  • Enhancing Work-Life Balance

  • Nurturing Family Well-Being

  • Building Resilience for Expat Success


By bridging the gap in global mobility policies, we can create a thriving expat workforce that excels both professionally and personally.

Let's Begin Your Transformation

Book Your Free Discovery Session. Ready to take the next step in mastering your expat experience? Let's connect for a confidential thirty-minute session, online worldwide or in Munich. We'll discuss your background, challenges, and goals, and determine if we're the right fit to embark on this journey together.

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