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Partner Organisations

Behind any great venture is a team of partner organisations, supporting in the background. Below are those organisations I am proud to be associated with and who have provided valuable support, resources, services and more...  

Coaching Partners

A global consulting ecosytem - to ignite sustainable impactful change by cultivating teams and organisations grounded in purpose. 

I've teamed up with Change Pioneers to provide leadership, career and business transformation coaching, as well as change consulting. It's fantastic to work with such a professional team and work with a diverse group of customers, all driven to create effective and sustainable solutions.  


Premium 1:1 business coaching for talents and managers to improve leadership performance at all levels. 

I've teamed up with Sparrks to provide leadership, career and business transformation coaching. My aim is to provide short and intensive coaching to support the development goals of Sparrks customers.     

Expat Service Partners

An English-language online media platform providing up-to-date information across Germany. They have been an invaluable resource for me in countless Expat topics. 

I've teamed up to share my insights in a series of articles on change and transformation, diving deeper into the real expat experience. My aim is to make our global community a little smaller and a lot more understanding 🌍❤️


A really great group especially if you are new in town. They organize weekly fun events where you can get to meet people and make new friends. Everyone is welcome!  

I join events as often as I can. My aim is to support the Munich expat community by sharing friendship, learnings and experiences. 

Education and certification

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