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Certified coach and change expert

My mission

Advancing self-knowledge and the resulting transformation.

My background in coaching psychology means that I am passionate about evidence-based practice and use current research to support and inform my work.


Guided by three core values - curiosity, compassion, and courage - I bring a warm interpersonal style and an inquisitive nature to my coaching approach. I am not afraid to challenge clients in order to support their growth and transformation.

When not coaching, I embrace an active lifestyle with a passion for water activities. I frequent the Eisbach Welle in Munich for my fix! Other sources of inspiration for me come from living near the mountains, music and reading when I'm not enjoying precious moments with my partner and son. Additionally, I have a keen interest in promoting health and wellbeing, focusing on the change process, conflict management, and resilience. 

Bradley Baker
Water ripples
Ocean Pier

My approach

I adopt a transformational coaching approach.

What does this mean?

The focus in on the holistic individual with all their beliefs, values and needs. The goal is self-knowledge and therefore does not directly focus on solving a specific problem, but aims at a comprehensive change.


Whether I work one-on-one, with teams or with organisations, I believe that people are not problems to be fixed (they are just stuck!) and the key to sustainable change is helping them recognize patterns, assumptions and limiting beliefs, to see the choices differently and solve their own challenges.


My style is to lean into the tension, as your thinking partner - this is where the gold is. I observe and receive where energy exists, where it does not, and what is beneath the surface of your story. By encouraging this in a respectful way, new thoughts expand and awareness arises.


Together we welcome the extraordinary.

My experience

Practical experience

  • Over 20 years leadership and consulting experience in Operations and HR across multiple sectors. Specialist in Change Management and Organisational Development.
  • Head of Organisation and Change at Sky Group, and National Operations Manager at Zurich Financial Services, Australia.
  • Intensive business transformation and change management experience: reorganization, insourcing/ outsourcing and employee engagement. Australian Expat living in Germany!
  • 2x World Champion Australian kayaking discipline Canoe Polo (1996 and 1998). Captain 2002.   
  • Master of Business Admin (Deakin University, 2009).

Coaching experience

  • More than 10 years of coaching experience with talents, executives, and individuals looking to change. 
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation (ICF 2019).
    Breakthrough Coaching certification (wbecs 2023). 
    Change Practitioner certification (Prosci 2011 and 2022).
    Coaching supervision with Master Coach (MCC) ICF (ongoing)

  • Main topics: Change, Leadership and culture 
    Further training on Conflict Management and Resilience.
    Experience with various diagnostic tools.
  • Master of Science, Coaching Psychology (Sydney University, 2018).
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