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Expat Family Life

School parent talks, workshops
and resources

My goal is to empower expat parents, via the school community, to thrive in new environments and strengthen the family experience abroad.

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Studies emphasize the critical role of expatriate families in the success of international assignments. Facilitating the wellbeing of expatriate families through interventions have the potential to significantly enhance mental health, resilience, and reduce unnecessary turnover that impacts the school environment and expat family life.


Consider these findings: 

  • 65% of expats report amplified strain of work in host country 

  • 51% feel overworked 

  • As high as 1 in 5 expats leave early, impacting school communities

  • Two-thirds cited family concerns as the primary reason for early return. 

Expat Family Life
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As an international school community, you will recognise that by supporting expat parents as they deal with the difficult transition, you strengthen the family relationship and build a happy, motivated, and committed students with a 'can do' attitude.

Engaging talks, workshops and resources designed to help parents navigate the challenges of expat life and family transitions.  

Tailored Talks

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I understand that every school community is distinct, and our content will be customized to address the specific challenges faced by your expat families. Some examples of (previous) talks are:
  • Building Resilience in Expatriation: Learn to navigate change and adversity while maintaining a positive outlook, vital for thriving in a new environment.
  • Thriving in a New Environment: Discover how to embrace new cultures and surroundings, transforming challenges into opportunities.
  • Expatriate Partners – How Do I Best Support my Partner: Understand how to provide crucial support to your partner during transitions, fostering stronger family bonds.
  • Navigating Family Expat Transitions: Gain strategies to navigate changes within the family unit, ensuring a smooth transition for all members.
  • Navigating your Child's Expat Transition: Equip yourself to guide your child through the unique challenges of adapting to a new culture and school environment.
  • Common Expat Pitfalls and Strength-Based Solutions: Recognize common pitfalls and discover solutions that leverage your strengths for a successful expat experience.
  • Common Expat Benefits: Understand the potential positive aspects of the expat journey, enhancing your family's overall experience.
  • Cultural Adaptability: Learn to navigate cultural differences, fostering understanding and effective communication in your new environment.
  • Top 10 Tips to Master the Expat Experience: Discover essential strategies for mastering every aspect of your expat journey.


For smaller group parent coaching, I offer a comprehensive workshop series. Over 4-6 one-hour sessions spread across 3-4 months, participants delve deeper into each topic. This extended engagement fosters a more profound understanding and effective application of strategies.

Other Resources

For parents seeking personalized support, I offer one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions provide a tailored approach to address your individual challenges and ensure that your unique needs are met.

Articles and other resources can also be provided for school newsletters and relevant publications to support parents, including those not able to attend.

Workbook examples

Engagement for lasting impact

The best style of presentation is one that actively engages the participant. All of the talks will come with a workbook, complete with space for an action plan that expat parent will design and then be asked to complete within the next week. Follow ups are then encouraged by creating a type of peer coaching network.

Empower your expat families

If you're ready to empower your expat families and strengthen your school community, let's connect. Book a free discovery call with me to discuss how tailored talks, workshops, and coaching services can make a positive impact on your school's expat families.

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