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Bradley Baker

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Coaching with Bradley Baker

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Bradley Baker


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Bradley Baker

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Bradley Baker


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Meet Bradley

Coaching Psychology specialist and change expert

I help professionals advance their careers and transform their personal lives

Leadership Coaching is at the heart of what I do. Coaching individuals and teams with relational/ inter-personal focus to enact real change is my sweet spot. 

My personal story is reflected in the (change and transformation) work that I do. As an Australian expat living in Germany, I've always been curious about what makes us tick, adapt and grow.

As a coach, I find it such a privilege to work with people in a truly meaningful and transformational way. 

Bradley Baker

The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there. John Buchan

“...Brad has the ability to disarm and intuitively assess an individual’s situation and carefully align their focus for their personal development and for the benefit of those around them. Throughout the program I truly looked forward to our coaching sessions and listening to Brad’s insights and questioning. Brad’s coaching has helped me be a better person, a better leader and has inspired me to implement fresh leadership initiatives for my team. I highly recommend Brad’s leadership and coaching to anyone in an organisational position of influence or any individual looking for self-improvement..”

- Nigel McBride, General Manager, Right2Drive

I had recently taken a redundancy; at a crossroads in my personal and professional life, I needed a life coach and business coach. Brad was recommended to me by two high level professionals.

Brad's guidance, knowledge, listening ability and wisdom is nothing short of amazing.

However, I feel Brad's strongest skill is his unique ability to guide without instructing - you, yourself work out the answers through Brad's exercises, empathy, encouragement and downright decentness. I cannot recommend Brad enough; both my personal and professional life have flourished through working with Brad.”

- Will Josephson Associate Director, Credit Services at IBM 

“Brad's Leadership sessions have provided an open and safe environment for leaders to learn new insights, and share experiences and knowledge with each other. These sessions provide valuable insights for both new and experienced leaders in a trusted and respectful environment. They have been a source of inspiration to me by providing a structured forum to develop and grow from others knowledge; research and experience. Of particular value is the increased trust and relationship built amongst the leadership team, which flows throughout the team continuing to enhance a positive culture.”

- Alison Cameron Program Manager at NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation.

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