Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation

Transformational change in an organization is, by far, the most rewarding type of change from a productivity and performance perspective, and also from a morale, motivation and teamwork point of view. A transformational organization will focus heavily on alignment: between the vision and strategic direction, company culture and talent management. Often times, organizations will restructure for efficiency but lose sight of where they are going or what goals they want to achieve. They often do not take the time to explore what is possible to achieve, creating a clear direction for the organization to travel.

Transform Coaching works with organizations to gain that clarity of purpose and direction, and then promote transformational change throughout the organization. The process we follow is to:

• Strategize
• Align
• Design
• Execute

Transformational organizations occur when everyone is clear on the direction and achievement outcomes.

Services Provided

  • Strategic planning

  • Organizational assessment

  • Organizational strategy

  • Process and systems review

  • Talent management

  • Talent development

  • Change management